The artwork expresses a 'fragmented urban history in motion' focusing on iconic structures and events in Montréal while making a special emphasize on the people that occupy this great Canadian city. Each photograph captured is a moment of time and space, when stitched together and overlaid with each other they become 'generative narratives'. Utilizing a variety of digital effects and elements, each piece becomes a map of urban ecology.  

The blurring effect suggests that the subjects in the work are in motion, tangled with their surrounding environment and part of the greater picture. Distorting the scale of each photo, using multiple perspectives and fragmenting the environment was a technique used to "frame" smaller details capturing the eye before guiding it around the composition. These fractals, like pieces of a puzzle, is relatively abstract until you step back and look at the entire image as a whole. Our processed was developed through conversations in person and in email, across borders and language we shared inspirational works by Serge Mendjisky, Jean-François Poullio, and Davide Bramante to name a few. Mendjisky's images of New York is inspired by the brush strokes from the Impressionism period along with the Cubist style popularized by Picasso and Braque.  

Visiting time based media, the film by Canadian artist Poullio presented in World Shanghai Expo inspired the idea of moving time through still photography. Lastly an infographic, word based visual representations of information, data or knowledge presented the complex information quickly and clearly of each pieces unique subject.








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