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Harbour View Estates | 35 Mariner Terrace - Toronto

Nuzzled beneath the CN Tower in downtown Toronto, Harbour View Estates is set's the golden standard for Condominium Design. The community is composed of four towers, town houses, and one of Toronto's largest private recreational facility overlooking the Skydome, waterfront and surrounding cityscape.

Stainless steel suspended panel ceiling, fire rated laminate panels, blue LED textured glass panel centred on the rear wall, stainless steel trims, recessed stainless steel band, three 1-1/2” dia handrails on the rear wall only and one per side wall, and finally polished porcelain tile flooring.

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About LED Elevator Panels

Each LED fixture is custom fabricated to a provided dimensions and optimized to meet specific light level requirements and with multiple kelvin temperature options to best suit each project's elevator cab's specific design requirements. Our ultra thin Elevator Light Panel System is designed to produce a perfectly uniform, edge to edge bright white illumination evenly diffused across the surface of the panel.