Olafur Eliasson's First Building Celebrates Level Transition Majestically

Artist Olafur Eliasson has completed his first building named Fjordenhus in Denmark. The playful building is the headquarters of Kirk Kapital, which is the holding and investment company for Lego family wealth fund.

The one of a kind building is entered from the quay by a footbridge that leads into a circular public space. The open area features three of the artist’s sculptures and a mirrored ceiling piece that reflects the light of the fjord back into the occupied public space.

The playfulness throughout the building is present everywhere. Eliasson celebrates level transition with a both high and low tech features. A circular elevator features futuristic top and bottom lighting along with ‘splayed armatures’ that sits within the surrounding brick stairwell. The stairs almost grow up like a beanstalk in the three stairwells of the house. All elements are clear of the wall and within the spiral staircases is a cylindrical elevator.

The masonry in the stairwells includes silver-stained stones reflecting the daylight from above. 15 tones of custom glazed and unglazed coloured bricks compose the 970,000 bricks that make up Fjordenhus. As one wanders through the building, the meticulously planned patterns and curved walls create a changing experience capturing and reflecting light from the apertures above and encompassing river