Kinetic Architecture & ThyssenKrupp's Next Generation of Test Towers


The design of ThyssenKrupp Test Towers feature a sophisticated elegance not typically seen in elevator engineering. With the primary purpose of testing and validating vertical transportation technologies for the next generation, their new test towers champion movement in design.


“testing the world’s first rope-free and sideways-moving elevator system”


Last year, ThyssenKrupp officials announced plans for a $240 million headquarters at The Battery at Cobb’s SunTrust Park, the Atlanta Braves’s new ballpark. Within the mammoth structure, 18 elevator shafts are expected to test high-speed and unconventional people-moving mechanisms.

The new facilities would allow the company to tweak the “world’s first rope-free and sideways-moving elevator system, the MULTI,” according to a press release. That elevator concept, obviously, would not only travel up-and-down, but side-to-side—an idea relegated to futuristic sci-fi movies. Thyssenkrupp would also be testing “two-cabins-per-shaft” systems—TWIN.