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Rem Koolhaas' Stacked and Staggered Library Rethinks Wayfinding

Rem Koolhaas' stacked and staggered public library is an eleven story monument to public space and level transition in downtown Seattle. Celebrated for its brilliant planning, the architects solution for an urban library has more to do with exploration than it does books and records.

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Kinetic Architecture & ThyssenKrupp's Next Generation of Test Towers

The recent designs of ThyssenKrupp Test Towers feature a sophisticated elegance not typically seen in elevator engineering. With the primary purpose of testing and validating vertical transportation technologies for the next generation, their new test towers truly champion movement in design.

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TTC Brings Accessibility to Toronto's Transit System

TTC’s Easier Access Program will make all subway stations accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of mobility. Today, more than half of Toronto’s stations are accessible to people with disabilities. The Toronto Transit Commission has an ongoing commitment to provide safe and courteous transit services in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of all riders

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25 Creative Elevator Designs That Changed Everything

Elevator design is not something many people think of. Even professional architects, urban planners and designers overlook their significance to modern buildings and cities as a whole. Over the past decade our team of vertical transportation specialists has worked to elevate the narrative around these little spaces in a big way.

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Featured Elevator Atrium on Bay | Yonge & Dundas - Toronto

Originally opened in 1979, the Atrium on Bay features OTIS panoramic traction elevators overlooking a 14 storey atrium. The building takes up most of the block bounded by Yonge, Dundas, Bay, and Edward Streets in Toronto's Commercial heart, just north of the Eaton Centre. 

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Featured Elevator
Harbour View Estates | 35 Mariner Terrace - Toronto

Nuzzled beneath the CN Tower in downtown Toronto, Harbour View Estates is set's the golden standard for Condominium Design. The community is composed of four towers, town houses, and one of Toronto's largest private recreational facility.

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How do Elevators Work

el·e·va·tor /ˈeləˌvādər/ noun

  1. a platform or compartment housed in a shaft for raising and lowering people or things to different floors or levels. "in the elevator she pressed the button for the lobby"

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