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London to Introduce the ‘Chimney Lift’

Last month, London’s Battersea Power Station unveiled a major new attraction, a panoramic glass elevator which will travel to the top of one of Englands most iconic chimneys. Most famously know for its use on the cover image for Pink Floyds album ‘Animals’ has been apart of a redevelopment project for almost a decade.

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Featured Elevator
55 King St W | Kitchener, ON.

By capturing key features and bringing them directly into the elevator reduced the amount of decorative materials in the building subsequently celebrating the original architectural intent. Natural granite columns anchor the corners of the elevator to the buildings exterior in both elevator designs.

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Museum for Architectural Drawing

The Museum of Architectural Drawing is designed to house and exhibit the collections of the Sergei Choban Foundation, founded in 2009 with the aim of popularizing the art of architectural drawing. For the construction of the Museum of Architectural Drawing, the city authorities of Berlin allocated a small area, formerly occupied by a one-story factory garage building. 

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