Our studio specializes in the planning and design of elevator cabs, entrances and lobbies for property owners, managers and cab manufacturers across Canada. With over 10 Years of experience, our designers have worked to become the industry leading firm providing the best customer services alongside our in-house elevator specialists. We ensure your interior is perfectly planned providing condo boards, sales teams and designers the visual material to get approval and then follow through to ensure it is fabricated with only the highest quality materials and stunning finishes, including pristine, ultra-durable solutions to keep your investment lasts a lifetime.  Everything about our design process will instil confidence and ensure the highest quality results for your vertical transportation needs: from our first conversation with your team to finalizing the specifications, to coordinating manufacturing and installation to maintenance and upkeep, it’s easy to match your vision with a value engineered solution.


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Services Overview

Joshua Nelson is an accomplished designer in the vertical transportation industry working with leading elevator manufacturers and consultants around the Greater Toronto Area.

Elevator Interior Planning

Elevator Interior Design is a niche industry focused on providing property managers, condo boards, manufacturers and developers the highest quality interior solutions tailored to the vertical transportation industry. 

Design Consulting

Our difference from typical interior designers and consultants is rooted in our history. Trained hands on alongside leading elevator manufacturers, our team is dedicated to one industry and that elevates us from the crowd.

Project Visualization

Our designers utilize the latest computer aided design tools and technologies to provide the most accurate renderings and project visualization material to ensure our clients see what they are getting before any materials are wasted.


Elevator Design Testimonials