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Elevator Handrails
& Bumper Rails


Elevator handrails and bumper rails afford riders stability and support while protecting elevator interior finishes such as mirrors and metals. A handrail is designed to be grasped by the human and should put ergonomics and safety above fashionable finishes. Handrails are typically manufactured out of tubular or bar metals and are supported by spacers anchored directly to the wall or mounted to support bands. 



Elevator Handrail Tubular Stainless Steel
Elevator handrail Tubular Stainless
Elevator Handrail Wood Tubular
Elevator Handrail Flat.jpg


The price of elevator handrails and elevator handrail replacements varies on the style and material type you select. Standard 1-1/2" tubular stainless steel elevator handrails offer the best value while ensuring a long life expectancy with limited maintenance. 

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