Elevator Cab Renovations

Custom and Standard Elevator Interior Renovations and Modernizations

Whether you are a property manager, cab manufacturer, or elevator consultant you need a dedicated elevator interior designer. Our studio is dedicated to custom elevator solutions, renovations, repairs, modernization and more. With over ten years of experience, we elevate the industry above and beyond the competition.

Too many companies overstate their ability to provide customers industry leading customer support, industry specific consulting and complete elevator remodelling services and improvements. Elevator Scene Studio is the only design firm in Ontario dedicated to elevator interiors and the ongoing maintenance of and car of your tenants vertical commute. Elevators that are not properly repaired can be unsafe for riders consequently  they detract from the overall feel and appearance of your building. At Elevator Scene Studio, we appreciate the role elevators play in the vertical landscape and remain dedicated to improving the function and appearance of elevators across the Greater Toronto Area.

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