Elevator Interior Modernization

In a world of building design and architectural innovation some features come and go as dictated by taste and style, but some building features remain constant. Necessary functional equipment for moving people such as elevators are essential for living and working in the vertical landscape. Not only do they provide a safe and reliable mode of transportation, they anchor each floor and program of the building to the lobby and public spaces where you welcome your guests.

Consider this, the interior of a elevator is one of the first impressions tenants, guests, clients, potential employees, buyers, etc… get of a property. This space can be a welcoming experience that demonstrates attention to quality and design while reinforcing the property management commitment to the buildings upkeep. 

However even with the best maintenance teams and durable construction elevators like many other spaces become worn down and out dated and this is where I have been focusing my design efforts.

For over ten years I have been designing and modernizing elevator interiors across the Greater Toronto Area working alongside property developers, management companies and condo boards. Over those years I have learned a few things. The most important is ensuring that clients are well informed and involved throughout the project.

This is not only important throughout the project but it is essential to building quality partnerships for years to come. Being able to inform and educate clients means being knowledgeable about every step of the design, manufacturing and installation process. That is why I work constantly at being a preferred partner for elevator consultants and manufacturers as well as architectural design firms. I am here to represent you, to demystify the complicated process of elevator modernization to ensure you get the best elevator solution tailored to your buildings unique style.