Lumine Transforms Elevators Into A Dreamscape Gallery

Typically illustrators are commissioned to produce still drawings for use in advertisements, books, magazines, packaging, greetings cards and newspapers. But that all changed when Japanese department store LUMINE invited Japanese artists and illustrators into their elevators to transform them into floor-to-ceiling works of art.

While graphic design is not new in the elevator industry, companies like Adobe and Amazon have leveraged the unique elevator environment in the past to brand their offices, Lumine has taken the concept much further with the evolving collection of art elevators in their Japan department store.

Asuka and Azuchi Mio

Twin-sister-artist-duo Asuka and Azuchi Mio, known as Asuazu, have taken their signature style of dreamy drawings and applied it to the exterior and interior of elevator cabs, elevator doors and lobbies. 

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Tomokazu Matsuyama

Born in 1976 at Hida Takayama, he is from Tokyo. Currently living in Brooklyn City, New York, USA. When I was young I am traveling to the USA with my family. After returning to Japan in junior high school days, he began making works while studying at the Sophia University economics department, after going to the United States again in 2001 after graduating to the NY Plat Institute Art School and then setting up a studio in Brooklyn.

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Cato Friend (Cato Friend)

Born in 1984. Illustration is offered to fashion magazines since I was in college and activities started. I am producing works based on the theme of "making people cheerful and happy." Works with transparency using acrylic paint are drawn without performing any digital processing and powerful depictions full of life sense make you feel the warm world. At the same time as creating the original work, he expanded the range of activities involved in various projects such as fashion series magazines and fashion catalogs, CD jackets and poster designs, wine labels graphics, and so on.

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Shinko Okuhara

We mainly deal with artworks such as books, advertisements, commercials and CD jackets. In the fashion brand CHEESE monger who works with stylists, he is active in a wide range of activities including textile design. In 2004 he published his first work "KU U KI" 2008 "Sleeping Man". In 2008, she debuted as a contemporary artist at the solo exhibition "Sleeping Beauty" at SCAI THE BATH HOUSE, and has released works at domestic and international exhibitions and art fairs. I draw pictures by replacing small events, feelings, important feelings in my everyday life with colors and shapes.

D [di:]

In 2000, she published his debut "Fantastic Silent" announced during her studies at Tama Art University with a seal of director Hayao Miyazaki. Second work, "Kigurumi" to create a literary style "Novell comic" shocked the readers, then vigorously created a cinical and sweet world feeling work with sharp observation eyes and lyrical sentences. Acting again in other fields such as novels, illustration, fashion, design.

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Born in Chicago, USA in 1985. Cutting painter. 
Using cut-and-drowned techniques, I arrange icons such as animals, humans, waves, clouds, flames, stars, etc., while making ecological viewpoints, I create somewhat magical and ethnic works. Based on writer activities in original paintings, he is active in a wide variety of cutouts including magazine illustrations and video works, textile designs, fashion, goods designs. A door that looks a little differently, invited creatures. I drew the paper with the elevator full. I would be happy if you enjoyed it together with the rooftop.

Shojima Tone

Born in 1988. After dropping out of the Tokyo university, I studied painting in London. I met with older European craft works, I felt that my gentle and familiar things rooted in my life were beautifully depressed. From that viewpoint, conscious of the viewer 's "feeling" rather than "thinking", drawing on familiar motifs as a child - like drawing without drafts, with beautiful colours. Among the days living in the city, we use various kinds of animals and plants that we have never encountered as motifs. In a hurried everyday situation, if you can ride an elevator, you can think of the inconvenient and troublesome time as something living diverse life, refresh with fresh colors, change to a little rich time I made it with my own desire.

Tomoko Fujii

Graduated from Tama Art University graphic design department. Illustrator. 
Illustration is provided over a wide range of books, magazines, advertisements, etc. 
I am striving to produce pictures with delicacy inside the pop. The inside of the elevator is blue sky and night sky. I made it from the desire to enjoy two spaces like enjoying day and night. The door is a story with two sheets on each floor. I would be pleased if you enjoyed it until the elevator came.

Inoue Jun Jun Inoue

Draw a delicate spirituality peculiar to Japan with an abstract line, create a unique "inter" in the work, stimulate the consciousness of the exquisite sensation to mix the modern sense and traditional spirits. . The expression which the style always changes is rising from the plane, and fusion with various fields such as fashion and display design can be seen. In this project, I tried to express the inner appearance and inner appearance of one person by using the two sides of the elevator's outer door and inner side. Whatever the appearance looks like, people who are full of color and dancing happily in my heart, I love such people. And I hope the heart is so.