Featured Elevator Atrium on Bay | Yonge & Dundas - Toronto

Originally opened in 1979, the Atrium on Bay features OTIS panoramic traction elevators overlooking a 14 storey atrium. The building takes up most of the block bounded by Yonge, Dundas, Bay, and Edward Streets in Toronto's Commercial heart, just north of the Eaton Centre. 

H&R plans to add 5 storeys to each of the office towers, while carrying out several changes to the ground floor configuration, and rebuilding the complex's connection to Bay Street. Other plans include three new elevators to be added to the banks currently serving the existing floors in each tower. (moved from before the last sentence, to after)

  • Atrium *on Bay

  • 1979

  • 14 floors East * 13 floors west (+3 Basement)

  • 8 Panoramic Elevators

  • 20 Elevators Total

  • OTIS Traction