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Canadian Museum for Human Rights Takes Guests on a Skyward Journey

Built on Treaty One territory, in the Forks historic site in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights stands as a monument to Canada’s pursuit of equal human rights for all. Completed in 2014, and designed by Architect Antoine Predock, its spiralling design takes visitors on an upward journey, progressing from ground to sky, dark to light, to a viewing platform and panoramic view of the sky, city and the natural realm beyond.

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Rem Koolhaas' Stacked and Staggered Library Rethinks Wayfinding

Rem Koolhaas' stacked and staggered public library is an eleven story monument to public space and level transition in downtown Seattle. Celebrated for its brilliant planning, the architects solution for an urban library has more to do with exploration than it does books and records.

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TTC Brings Accessibility to Toronto's Transit System

TTC’s Easier Access Program will make all subway stations accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of mobility. Today, more than half of Toronto’s stations are accessible to people with disabilities. The Toronto Transit Commission has an ongoing commitment to provide safe and courteous transit services in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of all riders

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